Cake in a Glass? Yes, PLEASE!

Girls night out. They don’t come very often, so when they do I like to make the most out of them.  When my cousin, the Enabler, asked me to run away with her for an entire child-free evening for a visit to our Alma Mater I just had to make it happen.  Childcare, check.   Bags packed, check.  Cash in hand, check.  Legs shaved, oops.

We quickly forget how lovely it is to escape every once in a while.  Eating a hot meal without having to cut up something for someone or stopping halfway through to take someone to the potty.   To enjoy a nice summer beer while you properly chew your food instead of  taking a bite and choking it down while you chase your three-year-old across the restaurant.  To sit and enjoy adult conversation instead of taking half of your meal home to eat later because your kids can’t keep their hands off each other and they are crying because you flicked them all on the ear (I would never do that, but I’ve heard of it happening <ahem>).

To shop without chasing kids through the racks.

To go to a bar and enjoy a beer (or three).

Then you wake up and it hits you.  Something big is coming up soon.  It’s sneaking up on you like all your kids’ birthdays.  You can’t quite put your finger on it.  It’s a holiday you are pretty sure, but all the days run together so that is a total stab in the dark.


Oh. Snap.  Easter is coming.  Soon.  Ham, potatoes, all the fixin’s.  Easter baskets.  Candy.  Peeps.  Crap.

Are we required to make Easter crafts?  Do we need cute little centerpieces and fancy place mats?  What exactly should I be doing in preparation?  Should I be baking cookies and planning out a fancy cake? What will we eat?  What will we drink?  Will the Easter Bunny bring good stuff for the kids’ baskets?  Can I put out my own basket and he will fill it with special gifts just for me *wine/chocolates*?

I started thinking about my kids and what they always hope the Easter Bunny will bring them.  The usual suspects; chocolate bunnies and Peeps. Toys and books.  I am always un-prepared and usually over-purchase and we end up eating Peeps for weeks.  Normally not a bad thing, but since I am trying to loosen my jeans instead of make them tighter,  I needed to come up with a way to thin out the Peeps.  My way.

I started doing some basic research.  I was imperative to come up with something creative and after watching this video for Peeps,  I started asking myself  what is MY “Peepsonality”?  Go ahead.  Watch it.  I can wait.  WATCH IT.  *taps toes*

I decided to take it to the next level and go to the Peeps website for ideas and had a hard time finding something to fit me.  You all know me well enough by now.  I don’t do crafts, kids with scissors and glue guns scare me.  I bake, but my jeans advised me to pursue other options.  What is something that I can do?  Hmmmm…. Well,  I do  like to enjoy a nice drink at night.  Maybe I’m on to something here.  Sometimes it is wine, sometimes it is a beer, but for Easter I needed something good.  Like a dessert in a glass.

I decided to take my idea to the bars while out with my girls.  Would something light and fruity work?  Nope.  Something sweet and sugary? Nope.  Something chocolaty and delicious?  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a WINNER!!!!

I needed a professional’s assistance, so with a little help from our very young and charming with a stellar taste in music bartender Tony at Porter’s bar in  Manhattan, Kansas (when I say young I really mean that even though Tony and I graduated from the same high school, it wasn’t in the same century young) we came up with the idea for this delightful beverage.  There was some intensive research involved in this process both at the bar, and at home.  I can only hope that you appreciate all the hard work I do for you all.

It took a few tries to get the right combination.  Luckily Farmer Bob, the chocolate connoisseur, was available this weekend to be my official test taster.  Some were too chocolaty (is that possible?).  Some were too vanilla-y (is that a word?).  After some trial and error, and a few shots just for good measure, we settled on this recipe.  It really is like a slice of black forest cake in a glass:


Peeps in the Forest

Equal parts UV Chocolate Cake and Cherry Vodka 
Splash of UV Vanilla Vodka
Dr. Pepper to taste
Make sure to sugar your rim.
Dip Peep in chocolate and use as garnish and to nibble as you drink.  It adds just the right amount of sweet!  
Make sure to have a few extra chocolate covered Peeps on the side.  I realized just one wasn’t enough.


Just be careful…this sucker will sneak up on you in a heartbeat.  You’ve been warned.  May it make your Easter dinner just a little less stressful.  Enjoy.

*This post is sponsored by Peeps, but all the words and thoughts are products of my own brain.*





  1. That looks like just the kind of sugar-booze combo that is my fav. Mmmm.

  2. I know what I want from the Easter bunny this year. Ellen

  3. It sort of looks like all the Peeps have gathered to worship this drink…

  4. Cute, delicious, and full of alcohol? Yes please, I’ll take three. Or four.

  5. Oh my gosh, that looks absolutely delicious!! Thanks for the idea!

  6. My Easter is looking a whole lot tastier thank you very much!

  7. I’m with Ninja Mom, works for breakfast for me!

  8. What’s to say I can’t make one for breakfast?

  9. This is perfect. I’m sharing this with my crazy family next weekend for our annual Easter party. It’ll fit right in with how Hunger Games-ey it gets.

  10. Oh my gosh – making some tonight!!! Great idea!

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