Cast of Characters

Been reading and enjoying but can’t keep track of who is who?  Here is the breakdown:

 Farmer Bob:  My Husband.  He is a hardworking farmer and very successful co-parent.  He is an amazing father and puts up with me, so for that he deserves a gold star or a cookie or something.

 Mini-Me:  My 11 year old daughter.  She is quickly developing a teenagers attitude, and is so much like her mother it is frightening.  We fight like cats and dogs, but she is simply amazing!

 The Boy:  My 9 year old son.  He is sensitive, thoughtful, and too smart for his own good.

 Mouse: My 7 year old daughter.  She is quiet, reserved, and loving.  If it wasn’t for her, I would probably need some serious therapy.

Trouble: My 5 year old daughter.  This one has the attention span of a gnat.  She is funny, sneaky, and is destined for a career in the entertainment business.  She makes us laugh and cry all at once.

 PITA:  My 3 year old son.  We always joke that it is good that we had him before we realized Trouble’s full potential.  It was after this one that we decided now would be a good time to stop.  The basketball team is now full.  He is stubborn and pretty damn cute, so he gets away with more than he should

 Then there is ME:  The mastermind behind this madness.  This entire blog is my idea and I am so thankful that Farmer Bob lets me get my brain out on this cyber paper.  His only request:  keep it anonymous.  Not that we don’t trust all you lovely people, but you can just never be too careful when it comes to your littles.  Don’t be offended that I don’t share personal info like names with you, it’s just the way I want it to be.

I work an actual paying job in-between changing diapers, wiping butts, loads of laundry, toilet scrubbing, and endless games of Chutes and Ladders.  I’m living the dream I never really knew I had.

 Thanks for joining me on this ride, and don’t be afraid to email me any time at


  1. I just love your blog, so I nominated you for the Liebster Award… see my blog for the details.

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