Wine and Books, Books and Wine

Summer break is stressful.  It’s stressful for us parents, it’s stressful for the kids, it’s stressful for a certain internal organ that rhymes with sliver.

Never fear my friends, I’m here to help.  I started thinking about what helps me relax and I came up with two options: books and wine, wine and books.  I love them both equally.  They help me imagine that I am having a friend over and we are discussing what makes us laugh, what makes us cry, what drives us crazy, and what drives us to drink.  They really are the two things that are required in order to survive summer break.

Now if I wanted to keep you here forever I would list every single book that I think you should read this summer and tell you exactly why you should read them.  I actually started to do that and realized that I kept writing the same thing over and over again because all of these books are so amazing.  How could they not be when you combine the likes of Peyton Price, Paige Kellerman, Baby Sideburns, Robin O’Bryant, Kim Bongiorno, Abby Has Issues, People I Want to Punch in the Throat, Moms Who Drink and Swear, and Leslie Marinelli (and so many other contributors that I can’t even begin to list them all, so you need to just buy the books and read them). All I can tell you is that every single one of these books are a MUST. READ.  You will laugh, you will laugh some more, you will fall in love with all of these writers.  You will, I promise you will.

To make it easier on you, I put all these incredible books into one Amazon store where you can peruse and purchase all the books I think you simply MUST have on your nightstand in order to help you survive the summer.  One stop shopping, who doesn’t love that?

Once you order ALL of these books, you will need some wine to go with them.  Why wine you might ask?  Because duh, wine.


What if I said you could have wine delivered directly to your door?  If you time it just right you could even have them delivered on the same day.  It’s possible mi amigos and my friend Devan can help you get exactly what tickles your taste buds through Wine Shop at Home.  *throws confetti in celebration*

I have teamed up with Devan to give 3 of you lucky readers the opportunity to not only have wine delivered to your door for free, but you can also have books delivered for free as well!  WHAAAAAAAAT???

That’s right my friends, Devan and I are giving away to TWO of you lucky dogs a $20.00 credit to Devan’s Wine Shop and a $25.00 Amazon Gift card*.  ONE amazingly lucky person will be fortunate enough to win a $50.00 credit to Devan’s Wine Shop and a $50.00 Amazon gift card*.

*I would suggest you use the Amazon cards to order books.  THESE BOOKS

The rules are easy:

    1. You must be of legal drinking age.  Age will be verified upon wine delivery.  Not old enough?  NO WINE FOR YOU.
    2. You must be a resident of the continental US (not because I don’t love you if you don’t live here, but legalities and such)
    3. Enter via the Rafflecopter below.  Like what pages you want, don’t like the pages that you don’t.  The number of entries you earn are up to you.
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    7. Good luck!

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It Was Just a Mile

Friday morning I went for a little walk with The Boy.  We walked a mile together.  Just a mile, but not “just” any mile, it was a mile alone with my oldest son.  It was so nice to have time alone with him, we don’t get it very often. As we were walking and talking, I just kept thinking of all the ways he has enlightened me as to the ways of boys.  Well, maybe not ALL boys, but MY boy.

Our Mile

I learned that when he becomes an “animal expert”, he will be sure to let me know if dogs see in color or in black and white.  He is pretty sure it is in color, but he is going to have to do some “serious” research to double check that.

I learned that Farmer Bob and I are old.  When discussing his 4-H projects and learning that he did not necessarily enjoy doing his foods projects, we tried to discover something that he may be more interested in. I suggested he try leather crafts, just like his dad did.  ”Dad did 4-H when he was a kid?”  Yes, Boy, he did. “Wow! I didn’t know they had 4-H that long ago”.  Ouch.

I learned that he is ready for football season to start. Not that I didn’t already know that, but it came out of his mouth, and that was all that mattered.  He was talking, I was listening.

I learned that he needs new shoes because his toes are at the end of his current ones.  Again, something I was already aware of, but he told me on his own.

I learned that it was so hot outside, he might need a nap.  Well, that didn’t really happen, but it was a great thought.  The Boy hasn’t taken a nap in years, unless he was sick.

I learned that he will not be a chef when he grows up.  I guess cooking is not his strong suit, and that is OK, but for the sake of his future wife (whom he has informed me in previous conversations, will be the one having all the babies, not him) he will be able to cook the basics.  He (and she) will thank me for that.

I learned that he has a good heart.  OK, maybe I didn’t just learn this one either. Maybe I should say he reinforced my belief that he has a good heart.  He truly loves his siblings, even though he may not always show it.  He cares for not only himself and his family, but for animals and his surroundings.  A trait I can only hope and pray that it stays with him.

I learned that it didn’t matter that we only walked “just” a mile.  What mattered was that we walked it together.  That we talked, and laughed (maybe I laughed just a little bit more than he did, but damn it he’s funny.  Just like his momma.) and that we were together.  I am certain that those moments won’t be around much longer so I will take it and hold on to it for as long as I can.