I Forget

Mom, you forgot the cheese on my sandwich!

Mom, why didn’t you pack my water bottle?

Mom, I needed that permission slip today and you didn’t send it.

Mom, you promised you’d do laundry today so my shorts would be clean.

I’m not perfect.  I’m not organized.  In all honesty, I’m barely staying afloat.  I forget cheese and I forget to send snacks.  I forget who has practice on Monday and who has it on Thursday.

Things like water bottles and buying birthday gifts for that party on Saturday (that we just got the invite to on Thursday) often slip under my radar.  Permission slips get lost in the sea of papers that come home from school every Friday.  Laundry?  I’ll get around to it when all the uniforms are dirty and underwear needs to be recycled.

Your heart sinks when the kiddos remind you of something you have forgotten.  You kick yourself every time you get that email from a teacher asking if you signed that math test or if you saw that permission slip.  Your blood boils a bit when you are making that late night run to the grocery store because you completely missed that you have snack duty the next day.

You tell yourself that one of these days you will get your shit together.  You buy calendars and you make message boards.  You download the right apps for your smart phone.  This is the week you say I won’t forget anymore.

But you do.

You still forget.

After a few days you forget to use the message boards that you hung in your kitchen.  You forget you even have the apps on your phone and tablet.  You find yourself still forgetting the little things.

The little things that seem huge in the moment, but once you move on you realize that those small moments aren’t the things that really matter.

You start to think about all the things that you don’t forget. Things like:

Birthdays and concerts.

Ball games and spelling bees and art shows.

Those three really long nights in the hospital with a cranky baby.

Who likes green beans and who prefers corn.

When each baby took their first steps and uttered their first words.

Broken legs and the number of stitches on their chins.

The look of excitement in their eyes as they experienced their first fireworks display.

The time they painted the basement.  With poo.

The pride in their eyes when they told you that they aced that big test.

The overwhelming joy you felt when you watched them earn that first purple ribbon at the county fair.

The tears you cried as you listened to them sing at their first (and second, and third, and fourth…) school program because you realized that the time is passing way too fast.

All the hugs and kisses and the millionth time you heard “I love you, Mom”.

The snuggles when they are sick and the times they streaked naked across the yard.

The time you healed that broken heart with some hugs and maybe a little bit of retail therapy.

So while I forget the little things from time to time, I now realize that I am remembering what is really important.

And I wouldn’t trade those moments for a slice of sandwich cheese.


You Know it Happens at Your House Too: I Forget


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  1. oh my gosh… you wrote this for me! I’m going to share this on my blog!!!

  2. This is really true. We forget the things we didn’t forget, very true! I forget sports stuff, the most. It’s so hard to keep the schedules straight because they’re always changing.

    On a completely other note, did you watch Johnny Depp on Jimmy Kimmel last night?! He was very cool and very fun. I know you love him.

  3. Isn’t it awful how much we beat ourselves up over the things we forget but never take the time to list things we always remember? Great post, Tara!!!

  4. I’ve perfected the art of, “you mean *you* forgot to have me sign your permission slip?” and the like. It totally lets me off the hook. In all seriousness (actually I am serious about that last statement), you’re absolutely right that the little things are no big deal. It’s the big things that matter–and I never forget those.

  5. jennifer wyman says:

    I am so happy to hear that i’m not the only mom with forgetfulness. Thankfully my girls are at the age now, 14 and 12, where they can help remember things and i can also remind them of the big things i don’t forget! Motherhood is so overwhelming and it’s nice to know you are not alone. I love reading your blog…they help me feel ‘normal’!

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