Parenting Skills I Picked Up Playing Those Pesky Board Games

We play a ton of board games around here.   “Mom, can you play a board game with me?” is one of the most popular questions around here.  Sometimes it is the same game for a few days in a row and at times, with a little prodding, we can switch it up to something a little more exciting.  As I was returning lost pieces to the game closet, I perused our selection of games and started thinking (which is always dangerous) about how playing these games as a kid myself unknowingly prepared me for parenthood.  You with me so far?  Here we go:


Guess Who:  You know the crime, but who did it?  Do they have blonde hair?  Do they still poop their pants? Do they have a vagina or a penis?  Can they read?  Wipe their own butts?  Speak in full sentences? Are they clothed? Do they have food in their hair?

Clue:  Very similar to Guess Who with the added stress of discovering the crime and the weapon of choice.  I suspect it was the five-year-old, in the living room, with the permanent marker.  No?  How about the eight-year-old, in the closet, with the scissors?

Chutes and Ladders: You bust your ass to get all the way up to the top only to slip-up and have to slide all the way back to the beginning.  Relevant for things like potty training, eating with utensils, turning laundry right-side out, and of course proper table manners.  Didn’t we just have the discussion last night about not farting at the table?

Memory:  Who has practice tonight?  Where is that concert?  What cookies?  How many kids do I have again? Where is my grocery list?  Why did I walk into this room?

Operation: The one game you see as pointless until you need to remove that splinter or that bean from someone’s nose.  How in the hell did you get rocks in your butt? Is that a Lego in your ear?  If you don’t poop soon I’m going to have to help you out. I promise, this will only hurt for a second.

Monopoly: You bust your ass to save money and in the blink of an eye some asshole has taken it all.  This game also taught us the fine art of patience because it.  never. ends.

Perfection: Working under pressure seems to work pretty well until you run out of time and all hell breaks loose.  You scream, you yell, you pee just a little.

Risk:  Logistics.  Trying to decide if you really want to head into the tween’s bedroom for a surprise cleaning? Do you have big enough balls to attempt to overtake the enemy that is the shithole they live in? Once you conquer one enemy you have to re-evaluate your troops (AKA, your caffeine intake) to see if you have the supplies to attempt an attack on the next.  If you go in unprepared, make sure to have an ample supply of reinforcements for afterwards (AKA, wine).

Hungry Hungry Hippos: Quick, shove all the food in your mouth.  Meal time really is a race to see who can get done first.

Mousetrap:  Chase them around  all day long, but you aren’t going to catch them unless you construct some high-falootin contraption…that works.  All else fails, offer cheese.

Don’t Break the Ice:  You can tiptoe around all day in an effort to keep everyone safe and happy, but one wrong move and you are screwed.

Battleship:  You have to ask around in order to find that permission slip for the field trip or that one missing shoe.  Where is the TV remote? I know I had that secret stash of chocolate somewhere. You never know where it is, but with the right questions and the use of the fine art of elimination, hopefully you can find what you were looking for.

Trivial Pursuit:  You think you know everything that your kids are doing but in reality, you know JACK. SQUAT.

Who wants to play with me?


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  1. I’m failing miserably at the memory game, not to bad at guessing who did the crime this weekend though – the lemonade had been found in it’s hiding place and was half gone, I’m guessing the 13 year old who couldn’t stop burping did the crime, despite his denials!

  2. I love that we can laugh at this because we all understand how true it really is! Thanks!

  3. HAHA, Operation made me crack up. Maybe you just discovered what board games inventors are really doing.. “we’re not entertaining the kids, we’re teaching the parents.”

  4. If only you knew how much our mealtimes really do resemble hungry hungry hippos. And there is no amount of money real or imgainary that could get me to begin an epic game of Monopoly with my offspring.

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