What Do We Do Until?

As I read the news (AKA my Facebook and Twitter feeds) over the last couple of days, all I could think about was this:


Seriously F-U-C-Ked.

Until we have the desire to change.

Until we have to desire to care.

Until my friend Keesha can tell her son that the color of his skin doesn’t matter.  That he can walk down the street and be seen as a BOY, not a brown boy.

Until I can confidently tell my daughters that society doesn’t really give two shits about what size they wear.

Until my bestie can take her bi-racial children out in public and someone doesn’t ask her “what are they?”.  They are children you tool.

Until we actually care about a cause before a tragedy happens.  Not just after.

Until my friend Bliss can get the insurance coverage she needs in order to help her Autistic son get the therapies that he needs to succeed instead of a constant stream of “we don’t cover that, it’s not necessary”.

Until we can take our kids out to the park or to the movie or to the grocery store and don’t have to constantly worry about who is lurking in dark corners.


Until we can use our words to help each other instead of to constantly attack/belittle/discourage each other.

Until my friend Courtney can tell her kids that their dad is going to be just fine.  That they’ve found a cure for cancer.

Until our nightly news actually contains more positive news stories than negative.

Until it isn’t about white/black/hispanic/asian/gay/straight/purple polka dots, but instead it’s about us as human beings.

Until those that work “for the people”, actually do work “for the people”.

Until my nephew can get the life saving medicines that he needs without a battle with the insurance company, because contrary to what they may believe it actually won’t be better if he is no longer with us.

Until we stop fighting against each other and instead we work with each other to make a difference. To encourage change.

Until us mothers can put down our mops, toilet brushes, and baby wipes and quit fighting over who is a better mother and just be. Well, just be mothers, friends, supportive and encouraging.

Until our kids can go to school and not worry about what Snotty Sally or Jackass Joseph are going to say (or do) to them during the day.

Until our news feeds are no longer filled with Amber Alerts and posters of missing adults.   Abused animals and murder suspects.  Bombings  and shootings.



 What Do We Do Until?








  1. You wrote that so well, very heartfelt!

  2. You’ll drown and be carried off in a tsunami of overwhelmedness if you look at the big picture. Better to focus on healing a small something first (ever have an ingrown toenail?) and grow the healing from there.

    There are numerous small things you and I can do. Alone they don’t seem like much, but added together can made a difference, get the energy to shift, and perhaps, just perhaps, get a David-type groundswell of good/positive/hopeful to slay the Goliath-type of bad/negative/despair.

    Here are a few I use. I’d love to hear about other “Good Things & Little Happies” you employ.

    *Pay forward
    *Give compliments
    *Sent a card or note via snail mail
    *Split the last brownie
    *Tell ‘em you love them
    *Give the gift of time

  3. I loved this so much! I wish more people would think like this. At times it almost feels like a losing battle, trying to raise good & decent little human beings in this crazy world. But there is no other choice. I will do everything in my power to see to it that my kids don’t end up being close-minded, selfish assholes. Keep up the wonderful work, lady!

  4. Well stated. Well written. And worth sharing! I’m giving you a big AMEN and pinning this post too!

  5. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you for this. Perfectly stated!

  6. Until those that work “for the people” actually do work “for the people.”

    To me, best line I read.

    Because when THAT happens, most of all the other “until” will be taken care of.

    Great read and I applaud you for saying it!

  7. Well said. I have just about HAD IT some days. Today was one of those days.

  8. I’m tired of waiting for “until…” Thank you for writing exactly what was on my mind. Perfectly said.

    • I’m tired of waiting “until” too; but I honestly think that day is never going to come; which is very depressing. In fact, we may be moving in the opposite direction, as things seem to get worse each day. Call me a pessimist or a realist?

    • Thank you my sweet friend. xo

  9. Kathy at kissing the frog says:

    I don’t have anything more to add, Tara, except thank you for writing this. Our world makes me very, very sad a lot, but I try not to be for the sake of my sons.

  10. Courtney says:

    I love this!!! So many sad sad sad things out there. I have been struggling with these things too. It’s sad that so many have such sucky things to deal with, thanks for spreading awareness about all this stuff. Xoxo

  11. i loved this, its so true…..I live in australia & the same things you said above apply here as well. Im so tired of living in a violent dog eat dog kind of world, & unless we all unite, this is how its gonna be. I feel sad for the future gens when they ask us why we didnt do anything to change what we have done to the world, to ourselves. We are all one & only LOVE can save us :)

  12. Tara, thank you for the mention and your anger. It is all too much, raising these little people in the world feeling like everyone is working against you. And my kids are bi-racial too. When they are with me, no one asks. When with their (white) dad, people pay a little more attention. Luckily we live in Hyde Park, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in America. But when we leave our little oasis, wow, wow and wow – we might as well have asses for heads for all the attention we get. I couldn’t agree more about the FUCKED part. But you? You are fantastic.

  13. That’s what I keep asking myself…
    I feel so useless. So helpless to do anything that could create a positive change.
    What. Do. We. Do?

  14. Kablam. Spot on. What I will do until…. I will help those in my closest circle to learn to be the best they can. And hope that the ripples will spread out to others. I think Mother Theresa said something like that. Help those that are near you and you help the world. I’m totally paraphrasing.

  15. Beautifully said, but sadly that day is so far down in the future my eyes can not see it, but my heart still hopes for it.

  16. ‘Until’ is still a very long way off. Actually the things that have happened here over the last few months makes me think we’re moving in the wrong direction…and that’s scary.

  17. ‘Until’ is still a very long way off. Actually the things that have happened here over the last few months makes me think we’r moving in the wrong direction…and that’s scary.

  18. A-freaking-men!

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