Who Needs a Beverage?

If you don’t already know, I graduated from Kansas State University.  Just off campus we have an area that we refer to as “Aggieville”.  It has shops, a bookstore, eateries, and bars.  Many wonderful, amazing bars.  The best part of Aggieville?  It is walking distance from campus.  We would go to class, well most of the time we would go to class, and afterwards we would walk to Aggieville and enjoy a beverage or 10 then walk home of course.  One of our favorite dining/drinking establishments is Rock-A-Belly Deli.  They serve fantastic sandwiches, but more importantly, they serve what we like to call….


Summer Beers

  Ice cubes
9 ounces fresh lemonade
One 12-ounce bottle beer (go with a nice American brew in this one)
1 1/2 ounces vodka
Lemon slice for garnish
Mix all together and enjoy….YUM.


Take a 1 gallon pitcher (I use the Pampered Chef easy stir, makes it easy!)
Dump in the following:
1 can frozen Limeade concentrate
use empty can to add Tequila.  The first pitcher usually has about 1/2 a can, the second pitcher about 3/4 of a can, after that it really doesn’t matter anymore.
1 Bottle of Corona

Top off pitcher with Lemon-Lime soda

Mix all together and enjoy…good on summer days on the patio, or winter days in front of the fire, or bad mommy days, you get the picture.  I also like to dump in some frozen berries for added flavor!  Sorry, no pic for this one, they don’t normally last long enough.

One more for you; recipe and picture courtesy of  Barefoot Wines:


3 oz of Barefoot Bubbly Moscato Spumante
1 oz. Lemon Juice
1.5 oz Simple Syrup
1 oz Pomegranate Juice

Pour all in blender with 1/2 cup of ice til slushy.  These are DELICIOUS!!!

Did you buy the book yet?  No???  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??  You NEED it.  Your MOM needs it.  Your SISTER needs it.  Your PEDIATRICIAN  needs it.  Your worst ENEMY needs it.  Get all the details here, and be sure to leave a glowing review when you are done!!  Thanks for all your support as always. You guys are amazing.  xoxo




  1. Always looking for a great summer beer, margarita, drink! Thanks!

  2. Yes please! These sound (and look) delicious! Let’s drink to Johnny. Cheers!

  3. Anonymous says:

    At the beach, sunburned, sand in every orifice of my body and the summer beer hit the spot. My new favorite vacation drink!

  4. Healthy children are definitely a blessing. Glad to hear yours are doing well! Looks like a nice garden plot you have there! I really like gardening.

  5. This summer beer is definetely my new favorite!!!

  6. You better start drinking for me <3 I’ll be dog earring this for next summer since a knocked up bitch can’t drink til then =D

  7. Yum! Once I’m feeling better I want to get my drink on!

  8. : ) You KNOW I love the margarita recipe!

  9. This really makes me sad that I am stuck spending an ENTIRE summer pregnant! Yes the WHOLE summer. Due date? August 31!! Maybe I will make the Margaritas the night before I go to the hospital and have one the day I come home as a reward! Mix that with the pain meds and you may never hear from me again LOL

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait to try these….they sound perfect for a day like today where we’ll be seeing temps in the upper 70’s!!

  11. So cant wait to give the Margarita a try while the kids are gone for the weekend…Will check my heart for my fave recipe for your littles and Farmer Bob to try, have fun cooking! Til then, my Kingdom awaits, Princess is waking up, while trying to keep sick Pirate asleep…(i hear Jaws theme music this morning? wondering if she is mad…)TTYL

  12. I will have to try these! :) Have a great Friday and I will get back with you on a few!

  13. These are wonderful! I’ve had the summer beer (I think there are a few different names for it) and it is DELISH! The Margarita sounds wonderful too. I’m so trying these…thank you, momma!


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